SABFoil W940 Review

SABFoil W940 Review

Over the last month, we have tested the SAB Foil W940 in a wide range of conditions. Here’s our findings.


The SAB Foil W940, initially marketed by the company towards surf foiling, has become more and more popular among wingfoilers of all levels, not only for freeride and in the surf, but also for freestyle.


With a cord of 16.5 centimeters and a wingspan of 94 centimeters, the W940 is a moderately high aspect wing with an AR of 8. The surface and maximum thickness are, respectively, 1100 cm2 and 1.4 cm. The profile of the W940 is pretty flat with slightly inflected wings. The W940 weighs around 970 gr. (2,16 lb) so it’s pretty light. Construction quality is excellent. On a side note, the finish is slightly prone to scratches.

Il W940 con il Kit M82 - W940 - S370 - F700-HS
Kit M82 – W940 – S370 – F700-HS


We’ve tested the W940 on the new HS700 fuselage / 92 cm mast, with two stabilizers: the S370 and the S399. As expected, the W940 is more stable and forgiving with the latter, way more playful and agile with the S370.

Wave riding. In moderate surf the W940 does shine. Matched with the S370 the control and turning radius are mind blowing. Top speed is also impressive but not to the expense of ventilation as the shape of this foil prevents it even if a tip breaches.

Freeride. The W940 is pretty fast and, again, very agile even matched with the S399/S400 stab. Upwind angles are impressive and stability is great for tacks and 360s. 

Freestyle. The W940 is surprisingly good for freestyle thanks to its excellent pop abilities. The W799 is a better choice for pure freestylers though.

Downind/Pumping. The W940 is reasonably good for Downwind/Pumping but the higher aspect W1000 is way better.  

Low End. Due to it thin profile, the W940 takes more effort to get going than, for example, the W799 that features the same surface but a thicker profile and lower aspect ratio. Depending on your weight and skill, you should be well powered in 13 Knots+ in order to get going. Stall speed is medium.

High End. You can comfortably ride the W940 in overpowered conditions. Again, this foil is not prone to ventilation even at higher speeds.

Tips. With the new, shorter HS700 fuselage you have to move the mast forward. The performance of the W940 in terms of lift may be fine tuned by shimming the stab, even though at the expense of speed. Finally, we strongly suggest using the W940 with the new M92 mast.

Conclusions and verdict

Fast, stable, agile and forgiving, especially matched with the S399/S400 stab, the SAB Foil W940 is a great allrounder, one of the best foils on the market for wingfoiling. While being super fast, it provides a very smooth ride feeling. Construction quality is excellent, even though the finish is slightly prone to scratches.

The SAB Foil W940 comes highly recommended to wingfoilers of all levels and it is now our foil of reference for wave riding in moderate surf.


  • Versatility
  • Stability, especially matched with the S399
  • Speed, control
  • Agility, especially matched with the S370
  • Ventilation resilience


  • Finish slightly prone to scratches

Immagini, video ©, SABFoil

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