Ozone WASP V1 4 hands-on (handles ?) preview

Ozone WASP V1 4 hands-on (handles ?) preview

Yesterday we tried the Ozone WASP V1 4 for the first time in Kanaha, Maui (HI). Here are our first thoughts on the wing.

Ozone WASP V1

After extensive testing (involving none other than Kai Lenny), the Ozone WASP (Wing Assisted Surf Snow Skate Propulsion) V1 was introduced in August, and now it is regarded as one of the best wings on the market. Last week we eventually received a WASP V1 4m2 in Maui.

The package

The wing is bundled with an excellent wrist leash, a small repair kit, a belt with plastic clip buckle, a sand bag for securing the wing on the beach and (yep!) the classic Ozone bottle opener. Last but not least, the bag is well made and very functional. In all, quality wise the package is top notch.

Ozone WASP V1 package
Ozone WASP V1 package

Shape and features

The WASP features a quite low aspect with a deep profile. The canopy is made from Teijin Technoforce D2 with double stitched folded seams. The leading edge and the (huge) single strut are made of Teijin Dacron. The wing features internal and external reinforcements and can be used on land/snow with confidence. The WASP 4 m2 is equipped with lots of handles. 5 are located on the single strut (plus 2 V- arranged), two on the leading edge. The wing is quite light, not as light as the F-ONE Swing though, being the latter the lightest wing available.

The conditions and the combo

Gusty Easterly Trade Winds in the 15 to 28+ Knots range and choppy conditions made for a pretty intense session.  Aside from the WASP, the combo included the Jimmy Lewis SUP Carbon 5’11’’ board and the GoFoil GL180 with Kai Stabilizer and 29.5’’ mast.

Ozone WASP V1 4
Ozone WASP V1 4

First impressions

First impressions are always important, aren’t they? In this case they are looking pretty good! Even in gusty wind conditions the Ozone WASP proved to be powerful yet super stable, balanced and very easy to control.

In sum, we did like the WASP with just one caveat: the handles were quite slippery for a few minutes, so we strongly recommend to wash them with mild soap before using your brand new WASP for the very first time.

We are looking forward to the next session with the Ozone WASP V1!

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