#WingsurfmagBlog. Sessions reports. Gong Wing 7 and more …

#WingsurfmagBlog. Sessions reports. Gong Wing 7 and more …

Pretty good Winter in the central Mediterranean area so far. This week our editor had the chance to try the Gong Wing 7.

Here’s Marco’s report.

The big storm

Let me backtrack a bit and talk about one of the biggest swells to ever hit the West coast of Italy. The swell was triggered by a super intense cold front moving from the Atlantic. With Northwesterly winds in the 40-65 Knots range, the front caused significative property damage, downed pole, uprooted trees … you name it.

La grande tempesta
The big storm

The next day the conditions were perfect for Windsurfing (and Kitesurfing). The shorebreak was just too big for attempting a Wingfoiling session.  

The Gong Wing 7 put to the test

Yesterday the swell was still pumping, the wind lighter and the shorebreak not as treacherous as the day before. A couple of kiters, including one of our staff, were riding regular surfboards flying 12 m kites so the conditions seemed quite inviting for eventually giving the Gong Wing 7 a try. This time around I decided to mount the GoFoil IWA and 24.5’’ mast on the Jimmy Lewi wis 5’11’’ and that helped a lot in making through the ultra shallow shorebreak. Suffice it to say that it took just a few minutes. In the meanwhile, the wind had died off even on the outside so my mission was quite simple: catching a few waves pumping like Hell. Well, I succeeded and I must admit that I wasn’t expecting the Gong Wing 7 to be that powerful and easy to pump.

The icing on the cake: Christmas SUP Foiling session today!

I can hardly remember a swell active for 4 consecutive days in a row here. Well, that happened and today I scored one of the best SUP Foiling sessions in the Mediterranean. I ALWAYS bring a paddle with me along with my wings and SUP foil boards. Is it windy? Then Wingfoiling is the call but in windless conditions and small to head high waves I go for a SUP Foiling session. Needless to say, I have in my quiver a convertible board pretty good for SUP Surfing, Foiling and Wingfoiling: the awesome Starboard Hypernut Foil 6’10”.

Che settimana.
What a week!

Well, that’s all for now. On behalf of my friends here @wingsurfmag, best holidays wishes and stay tuned on wingsurfmag.it!    

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