VAYU VVing review

VAYU VVing review

Over the last three weeks we’ve tried the new Vayu VVing.


VAYU is a new brand dedicated to the development of innovative wingsport products. This year VAYU has launched its first wing, the VVing, followed by a complete line of boards and foils. The wing features the unique Bridge-Boom™ strut system. This trademarked feature consists of a foldable two-piece boom connected to the center strut that is automatically brought into position when inflated.

VAYU VVing outline


The VAYU VVing is characterized by a medium to low aspect ratio with a slightly dihedral profile and a truncated elliptical planform. The canopy is moderately stiff and features a cross-cut panels layout. So, the panels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the leading edge. Overall, the frame is pretty stiff in order to ensure a wide wind range and stability.

The canopy is made in Teijin Technoforce D2 and the leading edge and struts in Teijin Dacron. Scuff protections are located in the wing tips so the VVing can be used on land or snow.


The two piece-boom connections to the center strut are pretty solid and well thought. Speaking of the center strut, its diameter is wide in order to accommodate and provide the necessary support to the Bridge-Boom™.

The VVing is bundled with an excellent bag and bungee leash. The wrist cuff of the leash is kind of wide so if your wrists are small you may find it a bit loose. Also, we wish that the dyneema leash connection loop on the leading edge was located under the handle in order for the leash to not interfere while luffing the wing. However, this small issue can be easily resolved by allowing the leash to pass through (or securing it directly to) the handle.

The LEI handle is padded super comfortable and pretty wide so, not surprisingly, there is no neoprene patch underneath it.

The inflating/deflating valve is compatible with all the kite pumps and doesn’t require an adapter. On a side note, there is no dump valve on the center strut. That being said, deflating the VVging takes just a couple of minutes. The bladder of the center strut can be kept inflated by closing the tubes connecting it to the LEI bladder.

The VVing is obviously a bit heavier than a same size wing equipped of handles but in line with others featuring a boom.

Overall, the VVing construction quality is extremely good.

VAYU VVing in azione

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