North NOVA 2022 Review

North NOVA 2022 Review

Last year North Kiteboarding has launched the second, totally revamped, version of the Nova.


This new model has been reconstructed from the ground up for better performance. Let’s look at what’s new and different with this second iteration of the Nova.

North Nova 2022
North Nova 2022


For comparison’s sake, let’s start with the old model that, truth to be told, was based upon a pretty conservative design. This first version was characterized by a very stiff profile and a medium to high aspect ratio. Well, with the second version North kept the rigid geometry but matched it with a very low aspect ratio, square tips and two rigid handles, better yet, two carbon mini-booms as they are quite wide with a very limited gap separating each other.

North Nova II colors

Stifness is ensured by the large LEI and center strut.

The mini-booms are covered in EVA and very grippy and comfy.

The big center strut features two hoses for the one pump system. The strut is connected to the LEI with two lines, one to the front and one to the back, preventing the internal bladder from moving.

The surf handle is well positioned, wide, comfy and quite stiff. The LEI features a neoprene knuckle guard patch under the surf handle.

The attachment loop for the leash is super reinforced but the dyneema loop should be a little wider for securing third party leashes (e.g. coiled).

The vinyl windows are well positioned but add weight and sacrifice a bit of stability.

In case you are wondering, yes, these wings are pretty heavy (the 5.0 weighs as much as 3,2 Kilos or so). In fact, the NOVA II is built like a tank! In particular, it features a super reinforced LEI, particularly on the wing tips, so it is suitable for a wing skating use.

Construction quality is top notch and on par with all the best wings of the competitors.

Regarding the accessories, the wing comes with a good bag (made of recicled plastic bottles), a compression strap, a repair kit  and an excellent bungee leash with a stainless swivel.

North NOVA II 5.0

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