Jimmy Lewis Flying V 5’11” review

Jimmy Lewis Flying V 5’11” review

Before the COVID-19 lockdown we had the opportunity to test extensively, in Maui and in the Mediterranean, the smallest board in the Jimmy Lewis Flying V range, the 5’11” X 28.5″ X 4 3/8″ @ 105 Lt.

Jimmy Lewis Flying V


Designed for foiling only, the board’s outline features a slightly pointed nose and a diamond tail. Both the nose and the tail are quite wide and the beveled chine blocky rails are almost parallel for most of the board’s length. The deck is flat as well as the bottom towards the tail section.

The scoop-rocker line features a moderate nose and tail kick.

Jimmy Lewis Flying V 5'11''
Jimmy Lewis Flying V 5’11”

The board is named (Flying V) after the V shaped step tail featured in the hull which is otherwise flat from the nose to the tail.

Construction and features

The Jimmy Lewis Flying V comes in two different constructions: Jimmy Lewis (signature) classic, and carbon. We tested the carbon version.  The board is pretty light at just 15 Lb (6,8 Kg), not to mention very impact resistant. On a side note, however, the red (in this case) finish in the bottom is quite prone to scratches. The board features a ledged handle on the deck (but not another in the bottom for Winging) and it is equipped with a flat deck pad without a tail (kick) pad. Interestingly, the deck pad has a center line and two horizontal lines for riders to get an accurate and quick visual reference for foot placement while riding strapless. The board features both a plate adapter and a tuttle box in order to accommodate virtually any foil on the market. The board can be equipped, aside from the back strap, with one front strap crossing the center line for preferred surf stance. So, no double front V straps option for freeride Wing Foiling. Finally, the board comes with two light (and good) foot straps.

La carena
The hull

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